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It is worth knowing: Zhongshan home goods shelf wholesale customization manufacturer

it is worth knowing: Zhongshan home goods shelf wholesale customization manufacturer

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it can be masking tape, high-temperature masking tape, or protective sleeve. This protection is the responsibility of the assembly line. 54. Spray conductive protection: refers to the protection of specific areas with high-temperature adhesive tape. It is worth knowing: if the wholesale and customized manufacturer of Zhongshan household goods rack has this requirement, the process engineer must make a special description of the process. This protection is the responsibility of the assembly line. 55. Silk screen printing: refers to the process of using special ink to penetrate special grids to form words or patterns on the surface of the workpiece. It is required that there is no defect in a series of inspections such as adhesion, resistance to organic solvents, color difference, font, etc. 56. Electro galvanization: refers to the process of placing a layer of metal on the water at different temperatures in sections in the cooling water tank to protect or beautify the workpiece and keep it firm on the surface of the workpiece whose price will be supported. The company refers to the factory after making qualified iron workpieces that need galvanizing

look at the surface of the pendant with your eyes. If there is no bubble on the surface and the coating is uniform, you can choose. 4. Products processed by strict process standards often go through complex machining, polishing, welding, inspection and other processes. Household goods rack products not only have beautiful appearance and good performance, but also have excellent hand feel, uniform, smooth and flawless. Do you know about bathroom hardware? What is bathroom hardware? I believe many people will have such questions. In fact, bathroom hardware in the family usually includes soap, soap dish, mouthwash cup holder, towel ring, towel rack, towel rack, paper towel rack, clothes hook, storage rack, etc

when facing so many bathroom products in the market, it is often difficult for us to choose. Do you know the shopping strategy of bathroom hardware? Shelving is not unfamiliar to you. The shelving used by home goods wholesale and customized manufacturers to place some items is common in the bathroom, also known as the bathroom shelving. So what kind of material do you know about the bathroom shelving? Let's get to know. The following summarizes the elements of bathroom hardware: Material: all copper, stainless steel, aluminum and copper zinc alloy

therefore, we must pay attention to the method when purchasing. In addition, there are many materials of the shelf in the bathroom. We all know that the bathroom uses a lot of water, so the choice of materials is also very important. It is worth knowing: what is the material of Zhongshan household goods rack and bathroom rack? Now common bathroom rack materials include glass, stainless steel, plastic, alloy, etc. 1. Advantages of glass bathroom rack: fashionable, simple and easy to clean. Disadvantages: fragile. 2. Advantages of plastic sanitary ware rack: corrosion resistance, aging resistance, rust free, light and simple. Disadvantages: poor load-bearing and easy to deform

today I will teach you how to install the shelf and what to pay attention to in the installation process. First of all, before installing the shelf on the wall, you should first use a pencil to make a mark on the part that needs to be installed. Then, the wholesale and customized manufacturers of household goods shelves should make the comparison angle of the shelf very straight. Finally, you should carefully drill holes with an electric drill and fix the screws and expansion screws. Speaking of, are our steps particularly simple? However, in the installation process of our daily life, there are still many problems that need to be paid attention to. Here are some places that need attention for your reference: the first point: when we install, the premise is to consider the convenience and applicability of the home

the overall cost performance is relatively high. 2. Plastic shelf: plastic products have many advantages, such as rust resistance, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high pressure resistance, light weight, and so on. The most important price is relatively cheap, but compared with other materials, it has poor firmness and is easy to deform after long use. Generally, it is mainly practical, and the appearance is relatively classless. The cost performance is relatively low for the bags made by the heat sealing process in the heat sealing strength experiment. Household goods shelves wholesale customized manufacturers 3. Stainless steel shelves: as we all know, stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, and its performance has achieved the characteristics of permanent structural components while ensuring its durability and maintaining the integrity of engineering design, but relatively speaking, it is not resistant to kitchen oil pollution, and it is difficult to be clean and sanitary

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