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The decoration of complex hydropower projects takes 12 days. Supervisor, you can give 80 points for hydropower decoration.

hydropower decoration projects are usually completed in about a week at home. My hydropower project is still very complex, which takes 12 days, mainly because I have some requirements for circuits, and it will take more effort to lay and route pipelines

at the stage of water and electricity acceptance, please come to the supervision master to accept the water and electricity decoration, and check it according to the water and electricity decoration standards and steps. Combined with the actual situation of my family, the water and electricity decoration project in my family has reached 80 points. Let's see the results

1. The separate circuit of high-power electrical appliances (air conditioning, electric heating) uses 4 flat lines, 2.5 flat socket lines, and 1.5 flat light lines; Six kinds of wires for wires

2. There should not be too many wires in the same conduit. Generally, there are four wires, otherwise it will affect the heat dissipation

3. The strong and weak current cannot be in the same tank, let alone in the same tube, and a certain distance (CM) shall be maintained to avoid interference

4. Line into the tube, tube into the box, lock connection, try to avoid the use of yellow wax tube

5 in data testing The circuits of kitchen, bathroom and open balcony must be on the top

waterway acceptance

1 The water inlet pipe is divided into 6 branches and 4 branches, and the main water valve should be installed in the house

2. The water outlet is hot on the left and cold on the right. There should be a certain distance between the cold and hot water pipes. The distance between the cold and hot water at the sprinkler is 15cm

3 To pass the pressure test, my family is Weixing door-to-door pressure, 12 kg for half an hour, and it is qualified if the pressure drop is less than 1 kg

4 The layout of toilet sewer is reasonable, with concealed floor drain

5 The water pipe can go to the sky and the ground when it echoes the query. It mainly depends on personal needs. As long as it goes well, it's OK

on the whole, the water and electricity are still satisfactory, but there are still some small details that are a little regretful, such as the hot water pipe is not wrapped with a thermal insulation cotton sleeve, the strong and weak current intersection is not wrapped with tin foil, and the horizontal grooves at some positions are slightly longer. I also hope that the hydropower master can improve xiaha and make the process more perfect. There are also some places that have not been considered well, such as the bathroom cabinet and balcony laundry cabinet. It will be better to make the drainage into a wall row, which will save the space in the cabinet and will not expose a part of it

here are some more partial drawings, which have mystery

water and electricity sealing groove

cement finding of the whole room 3 Flat after equipment installation and commissioning

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