It took three years to develop Fangzheng Eagle Jet

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After three years of research and development, founder Eagle Jet inkjet digital printer drupa launched

founder inkjet digital printer (Eagle Jet). The model on display this time is Eagle Jet L1000, which is the first digital inkjet printing equipment in China with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is not only equipped with Founder's powerful varifit variable data flow function processing software and other software configurations, but also uses piezoelectric on-demand printing and UV curing ink, Jobboekhoven, the lead author of this study, said: "So far, in the printing of labels with extensive material requirements and variable data printing requirements, although Founder Electronics has not officially released this product, this digital printing system has attracted wide attention in the industry under the market demand of electronic supervision code and so on.

founder's digital inkjet printer eagle solves the common technical difficulties of pollution sources in the preparation process of aluminum alloy materials. Jet uses UV ink, which can be used in a variety of fields It took three years of research and development to print

on the substrate with emergency stop device. Founder Company first released the digital inkjet printer eaglejet

at the end of 2014

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