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Pre exhibition report: Keqiang company launched zfm500 full-automatic cover machine

before the 1990s, most domestic printing and packaging enterprises producing hardcover covers used manual production, which not only made products with unstable quality, unsightly appearance, but also low output. Although some developed countries were producing such equipment at that time, their selling prices of hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars deterred most domestic enterprises that were still in the early stage of development at that time, and only a few provincial-level Xinhua printing plants and powerful foreign-funded enterprises were able to introduce them. However, with the rapid development of the national economy, the strength of the industry is also constantly improving, and the requirements for product quality, appearance and output are also getting higher and higher. In this case, the domestic relevant equipment checks the damage of parts and replaces them. The manufacturer launched a semi-automatic sealing machine around 2000

the semi-automatic cover machine is composed of gluing machine, double folding machine, single folding machine and flattening machine. It requires 58 operators, and the shift output (calculated by 8 hours) is about 3000 6000. Compared with manual production, it not only includes the simplest rotation mode, but also includes the constrained rotation mode, and the speed is improved a lot, but the quality of angle wrapping is still not stable enough, and it can not meet the speed requirements of mass orders. In order to meet the market demand under the new situation, Wenzhou Keqiang company launched a new solution zfm500 automatic cover machine

The ZFM 500 automatic cover machine for exchange and cooperation in various fields of the full plan is composed of three systems: face paper conveying, gluing, cardboard conveying, positioning and folding. Among them, the face paper conveying and gluing system is that the printed face paper is sent to the gluing system by the Feida head, and then sent to the conveyor belt after gluing and coating, waiting for the positioning of the paperboard. The system is equipped with a double sheet detection device behind Feida to prevent the phenomenon of conveying two or more sheets at a time due to temperature, humidity and other reasons. The glue pumping device is controlled by the original glue pumping pump and frequency converter imported from Japan, which is not only convenient to adjust the glue quantity, but also stable in performance; The cardboard conveying and positioning system is that after detecting the face paper with 7 inspection rules on the conveyor belt, the cardboard conveying and positioning system will start. PLC will automatically calculate the face paper deviation, then adjust the cardboard position and position it on the face paper, and then send it to the folding system by the conveyor belt. The cardboard conveying and positioning system adopts German light sensing elements, Japan OMRON PLC and servo control system, and imported hydraulic transmission devices to automatically complete the feeding and positioning of cardboard. It is not only fast, but also high precision, which is the core of the whole machine; The folding system is that after the paperboard is positioned on the face paper and fed into the folding system, the double side wrapping device first completes the edging on the left and right sides, then the angle pressing device is started to complete the four corner pressing process, and finally the front and rear folding flaps complete the edging on the front and rear sides respectively. So far, a complete hardcover cover production process has been completed. In the flanging system, the imported light sensing elements are used to control the cam device in the angle pressing process to realize the synchronization and stability of pressing the four corners, and the mechanical turnover is used to fold the edges, making the finished products beautiful. All press roll surfaces are sprayed with Teflon material. Because this material is not easy to adhere to water, it not only makes the finished surface clean and tidy, but also greatly reduces the press roll cleaning time and improves the work efficiency

The ZFM 500 full-automatic cover machine adopts intelligent touch screen control, which can directly display the cause and location of the fault, and the operation and maintenance are very intuitive and convenient. This machine only needs one operator, the effective capacity is per minute, and the shift output (calculated according to 8 hours) can reach about 7000 and 15000. At the same time, the machine also has a brand-new function: pasting the hardcover cover liner paper, which solves the historical problem of manually pasting the liner paper after making the hardcover cover cover by machine, and realizes the dual-purpose of one machine. It is the launch of this new function that makes ZFM 500 automatic cover machine widely concerned by the industry

according to the person in charge of Wenzhou Keqiang company, this device will be unveiled at the 2010 China International color box exhibition held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan on April 7 and 9. At that time, enterprises can visit and purchase through the exhibition

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