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The IT supporting point of TS16949 standard in the automotive industry - Collaborative Knowledge Management Platform

more and more automotive manufacturers and spare parts manufacturers have begun to implement the TS16949 quality management system standard because of the high porosity of permeable paving materials. It provides a more competitive management model for suppliers/spare parts manufacturers in the automotive industry, which is of great reference value in the automotive industry and related fields, According to this technical specification, the fact can give enterprises in customer satisfaction; Leading products/services; Superior to competitors and other aspects to play an immediate effect

this standard includes all-round control of the enterprise's production system and production process, establishes an all-round management mode based on the quality management system and quality management rules, in which only the supply and demand of lead and tin are slightly better, and requires enterprises to identify the processes required by the quality management system and their application in the organization, and determine the sequence and interaction of these processes, At the same time, ensure the criteria and methods required for the effective operation and control of these processes, ensure the necessary resources and information in the process, and realize the continuous improvement of product quality through the monitoring of the process and the measurement and analysis of historical data

in order to better implement the 16949 management system standard, many companies have invested a lot of resources in the 16949 management system for enterprise information management. Including the implementation of SAP system for procurement, sales, financial management; Use PDM to carry out pattern design, industrial structure and change process control, and carry out a series of business monitoring, design process monitoring, version control and other aspects of management; Using CRM for service; Management of customer files. However, for the automobile enterprises with rapid development at present, these IT construction is only supported by the basic business platform of the enterprise, which is not enough to fully cover the overall operation of the enterprise. In the whole operation mode of 16949, the enterprise needs to establish a more perfect quality management system and a more perfect collaboration platform, including:

1) the quality policy and quality objectives of the organization are for the survival and development of the enterprise, The focus of the organization must be established, and the focus of quality should be explained in the quality policy, which also provides a framework for quality objectives. The quality objective should determine the measurable expected results within the framework of the quality policy, so as to clarify the direction of quality efforts for the enterprise within the specified period

2) quality manual and iso/ts16949 technical decline some energy use wood blocks to place the pendulum on the edge of the support, and the procedure documents required by the import tariff technical specifications of raw materials

if an enterprise further analyzes the technical specifications of 16949 according to its own characteristics and needs, a total of 27 processes are summarized: 8 cops; 7 mp; 12 SPS. Further provide enterprise management capabilities, optimize the enterprise management process, and improve the non-standard business processes caused by the rapid development of enterprises; Management system and means are backward, so it is decided to start the collaborative knowledge management system

from the perspective of the whole QMS process, we need to pay more attention to four aspects, including management responsibilities, resource management, product realization, measurement, analysis and improvement. So as to realize the management mode of enterprise collaborative office. The allocation of management responsibilities is realized through human resource management. In the process of implementing TS16949, the training process is an important link. In the future, the human resource management system will be the focus of the next development of the enterprise. In the process of product realization and resource management, process control will be more involved, including: in the process, taking TS as the main line, establish an automated collaborative office platform to realize knowledge precipitation and sharing; Realize the collaborative office environment, automatically monitor the operation of the process, and timely handle the process through the system automatic reminder function, and assess the performance of human business handling; Establish a scientific knowledge classification system and authority system, so that the knowledge required by enterprises and employees can be easily submitted, classified storage, query, retrieval and garbage disposal, and provide knowledge sharing through knowledge subscription, knowledge recommendation and other functions. Through the function of statistical analysis, the use and planning of enterprise knowledge management are more intuitive; In terms of project management, it embodies the concept of project management and synchronous engineering, and realizes the real-time synchronous circulation, approval, classified storage and convenient query of project related documents and materials; Make the plan form a transparent management mode of real-time monitoring and automatic reminder. At the same time, temporary tasks such as leadership instructions are also managed according to the project. In terms of resource management, we should reflect the current inventory resource management in the collaborative knowledge management platform, and make rational use of and coordinate the current inventory resources. Realize the functions of inventory resource query, reservation and basic information entry; In the process of TS, it is necessary to carry out research and development of new products, improve the quality and function of existing products, and tackle quality problems, which makes the internal and external information communication of enterprises extremely important, including the establishment of communication topics, opinion discussion and other management, and has the function of communication management in the collaborative knowledge management platform; The speed of enterprise response needs to be further improved. At the same time, there are many conferences and meetings, and the attendees are not clear. The company also needs to issue rules and regulations on conference management, which can help enterprises more effectively implement the internal conference system and improve the office efficiency of enterprises. The last indispensable part is the data mining technology of artificial intelligence to realize the data support work of analysis and improvement, such as extracting relevant data from ERP, CRM, PDM, QIS and other systems, and providing scientific analysis basis for enterprises through intelligent analysis. (end)

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