It turns out that these charging habits are detrim

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It turns out that these charging habits are detrimental to battery life

in this era of rapid development of intelligence, charging is almost a must for everyone, but there are problems with charging of many friends. Today I will introduce some charging habits that are detrimental to battery life

play while rushing

if conditions permit, it is best to turn off when charging, which is the best maintenance for the battery. While charging, you can inspect the oil window on the left side of the control cabinet. In addition to damaging the battery, it is also harmful to the human body

choose a regular data cable

to charge, you must choose a large manufacturer to produce a guaranteed data cable. Don't believe the quality of a few yuan data cable. Although you don't spend much money on buying a data cable, it's too harmful to the battery

At present,

it is not good if the number of impulse points decreases accidentally.

if the number of charging times is too many, it will damage the battery life of the plastic bag, which is not easy to recycle! In fact, this is wrong. Lithium batteries, like humans, pay attention to eating less and eating more meals. Frequent charging is actually a little good for batteries


some people will not unplug the charger in time after charging, which will damage the service life of the battery. Some office workers are used to charging at night and unplugging the charger the next morning. If they do not unplug the power in time after charging, the battery will remain fully charged, which will accelerate the loss rate of the battery

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