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Abstract: solar street lamps, villager activity centers, cultural squares, pepper trading markets... Tuoluo village, Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, located in the depths of Wumeng Mountain, is showing a thriving atmosphere

today, standing at a new historical starting point, the road to pursue dreams is clearer and the foundation for building dreams is more solid. p>

compose a new movement: the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China set the tone for the journey of pursuing dreams in the new era

Shanghai Xingye Road, a historical street, and a long queue of visitors in front of the Shikumen building with a red tone. This winter, there is no "off-season" here

don't forget your original intention, because you have a dream

96 at the beginning of the year, the fire of dreams has been burning all over China; The torch of dreams is shining brightly at the five-year opportunity meeting

standing at the historical intersection of "two hundred years", the 19th CPC National Congress outlined a grand blueprint for China's future development with new ideas, new judgments and new arrangements, and the bright prospect of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation became clearer

on the way to pursue dreams, new ideas illuminate the new era

on November 10, the 10th Quito International Book Fair opened in Ecuador on the other side of the ocean

"this book is an important reference for understanding China's development path and model." Pasmino, director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of culture and heritage of Ecuador, said

on the way to pursue dreams, new strategies guide new practices

Baidu's "autonomous driving", Alibaba cloud's "urban brain", Tencent's "medical imaging"... On November 15, the list of China's first batch of national new generation AI open innovation platforms was amazing

"the original expectation was to achieve mass production of driverless vehicles in 2020, and we have planned to advance this time." Baidu CEO Robin Lee said

the prophet of spring river duck. The most sensitive market players are often the first to capture new development opportunities

innovation driven development strategy, Rural Revitalization Strategy, regional coordinated development strategy, sustainable development strategy, military civilian integration development strategy... The 19th CPC National Congress is giving birth to a steady stream of innovation vitality due to a series of strategic arrangements in the report of TPE's total consumption

from building a modern economic system to developing socialist democratic politics; From promoting the prosperity of socialist culture to strengthening and innovating social governance; From comprehensively promoting the modernization of national defense and the army to continuously improving the party's ruling ability and leadership... The 19th CPC National Congress made a comprehensive plan for the grand blueprint of the Chinese dream

on the way to pursue dreams, new goals show new prospects

at 11:38 a.m. on November 10, the fourth runway of Shanghai Pudong airport

with the roar of the huge engine, the domestic large aircraft C919 independently designed and developed by China rose against the wind and soared into the sky. After a flight of more than 1300 kilometers in 2 hours and 24 minutes, it successfully arrived in Xi'an and successfully completed its first intercity flight

through the clouds, the dream takes off, and the vision of higher, faster and stronger is unfolding in front of us -

to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects by 2020; Basically realize socialist modernization by 2035; By the middle of this century, we will build a strong, prosperous, democratic, civilized, harmonious and beautiful modern socialist country

"adhering to multilateralism, seeking common consultation, joint construction and sharing, establishing close partnership and building a community with a shared future for mankind are the inevitable trend of global economic governance under the new situation."

the 35 minute speech won 17 warm applause on the scene. The voice of China has won strong repercussions from the world, and the Chinese dream is more closely connected with the world dream

ambition goes all the way. Great changes have taken place in the world

today, we have never been closer to the center of the world stage, to the goal of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and have never been able and confident to achieve this goal

South Lake in Jiaxing, with beautiful waters and red boats

in Baihua community not far away, Zhu yaduan, a 90 year old Anti Japanese War veteran, sat at home and carefully wrote the words and sentences in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress with vigorous pen power. p>

play the strong voice of the times: five years of hard work to lay a solid foundation for the realization of the Chinese dream

time is a great writer

5 years, 60 months, 1825 days, 43800 hours, depicting the great moments when dreams come true, and recording the extraordinary magnificent process since the 18th CPC National Congress

5 years to write development and witness the passion and speed of the Chinese dream

at 17:36 on November 20, the streamlined train wearing a golden "belt" drove out of Cangnan, Zhejiang Province and sped to the destination

from this day on, the operation of "Fuxing" has been expanded again, and the fast-moving golden ribbons closely connect many urban agglomerations in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta

from reference to innovation, from follow to lead, from made in China to created in China, China's high-speed rail, which has repeatedly amazed the world, has led the world, refreshed the "Chinese speed" and "Chinese standards", reconstructed the concept of time and space and economic territory, and played a sonorous foot sound and firm confidence of big countries in pursuing their dreams

flying to the dream is a "subtraction" to bid farewell to poverty and backwardness: on November 1, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council announced that after Jinggangshan and Lankao at the beginning of the year, 26 poverty-stricken counties across the country have been lifted from poverty, achieving a net reduction in the number of poverty-stricken counties for the first time in 31 years, and the incidence of poverty has fallen below 4%

rushing to the dream is an "addition" to getting rich: over the past five years, the average annual economic growth rate has exceeded 7%, the GDP has increased from 54 trillion yuan to 80 trillion yuan, and the contribution rate to the world economic growth has exceeded 30%

galloping towards the dream is a "multiplication" towards strengthening: Tiangong, Jiaolong, Tianyan, Wukong, Mozi, big aircraft, and the "blowout" of scientific and technological innovation achievements. China has become the only middle-income country in the top 25 of the global innovation index...

five years to write changes and witness the bold strength of the Chinese dream

in late autumn and early winter, the Qinghai Lake is quiet and serene, with migratory birds passing by the withered and yellow meadow from time to time

"birds know where the most beautiful place is." Looking at the picturesque scenery in the distance, villager Yang Youliang, who lives by the lake, told him that in the past two years, the lake water has become clearer and the grassland has become more lush. He can often see some never seen birds playing by the lake

in the past five years, with the continuous strengthening of the comprehensive management of ecological environment protection in Qinghai Lake Basin, the number of birds here has increased to 223, and the lake area is the largest in 17 years

the birds on the Bank of Qinghai Lake don't know that there are still too many changes in China in the past five years, which are inseparable from China's amazing courage and determination to change

manage the party with the courage of "offending hundreds of people and living up to 1.3 billion", in exchange for a new political ecology; Deepen the reform with the courage of "knowing that there are tigers on the mountain and leaning towards the tiger mountain", and basically establish the four beams and eight pillars of the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity; With the responsibility of "one cannot be less", we will win a decisive victory in the all-round well-off society and create a human miracle of lifting more than 60 million people out of poverty in five years...

"strong action is an important embodiment of the ruling ability of the Communist Party of China." According to the analysis of Italian international scholar Jiang e valoli, "this action force is manifested in two levels: strength and speed."

5 years to write feelings and witness the livelihood temperature of the Chinese dream

people's yearning for a better life is the most vibrant component of the Chinese dream. Every moment of the nation's dream pursuit journey also carries the moments of countless individuals realizing their dreams

The quality directly affects the service life of the equipment.

on the morning of August 23, when he entered the Tsinghua Park in a wheelchair, Wei Xiang, a 19-year-old boy from Gansu Province, imagined the scene countless times and finally became a reality

due to congenital disability and loss of motor function of both lower limbs, going to college was once out of reach for Wei Xiang. Thanks to the reform of college enrollment system and the continuous improvement of subsidy policies in recent years, more and more young students like Wei Xiang have realized their dreams

"childhood is the truth in the dream, the dream in the truth, and the tearful smile when recalling." In a letter written to Wei Xiang by the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University, he encouraged him and other students to be accompanied by "love" and "affection" no matter they are in trouble or in physical condition. Life is hard, but please believe it enough

over the past five years, a large number of similar measures to benefit the people have been implemented, and the real and warm Chinese dream has convinced hundreds of millions of Chinese people:

the people's money bags have become bigger, and the per capita disposable income has increased by 7311 yuan

poor people live more comfortably

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