It was the hottest time to start small excavation.

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Start small excavation at the right time! In January, the inventory of six top selling models

started with a small dig at the right time! In January, the inventory of six top selling models

China Construction machinery information

with the increase of small-scale earthwork construction such as highway maintenance, township construction, municipal gardens, irrigation and water conservancy, small excavators are ushering in an increasingly broad construction space. According to the survey and statistics, in January 2017, 25 excavator enterprises included in the statistics sold more than 4500 excavators, including more than 2400 small excavators, accounting for 54%

in terms of specific models, Sany Heavy Machinery sy75c-10 excavator won the champion of single machine sales in January, with a sales volume of 261 units. It is worth mentioning that the leading edge of domestic brands in the field of small excavation is increasingly consolidated. Among the top ten models of small excavation sales in January, there are as many as 7 domestic brands

let's take a look at the six top selling models in January

Sany Heavy Machinery sy75c-10

sy75c is the star product of Sany Heavy Machinery's main small excavator. The market share of single machine has reached more than 30% for five consecutive years. So far, about 20000 sets have been sold, and have been successfully sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world

Sany sy75c excavator

the new generation of sy75c hydraulic excavator has the characteristics of "high reliability, excellent performance, safety, environmental protection, comfort and convenience". At the same time, it can provide a variety of special configurations, which can meet the needs of different countries and customers

sy75c adopts a load sensitive system with more perfect operation, which can sense small changes in load, adjust flow and pressure at any time, and achieve perfect controllability, which can make operation efficiency higher and control performance better. It is especially suitable for landscaping and farmland reconstruction

sy75c partial parameters:

machine weight: 7280kg; Bucket capacity: 0.12~0.32m3

engine model: au-4le2x; Rated power: 43kw/2200rpm

maximum torque: 200nm/1600rpm; Displacement: 2.179l

gradeability: 70% (35 °); Slewing speed: 11.5rpm

bucket digging force: 56KN; Bucket digging force: 38kn

walking speed: 4.4/2.4km/h

standard track: 450mm carrier roller per side: 1

number of track shoes: 39 roller per side: 5

XCMG xe60d excavator

in January, XCMG xe60d excavator sold 144 units, accounting for the second place in the sales list of small digging single models

XCMG xe60d is reliable, durable, energy-saving and environmental friendly. It adopts a new environment-friendly Yangma engine, with high low-speed torque, low fuel consumption, high operation efficiency, reliability and durability; The layout of the intake pipeline is optimized to reduce the intake resistance, increase the intake volume and improve the fuel utilization

it adopts cross stage large displacement constant power variable pump, with high volumetric efficiency. By reasonably adjusting the pump power and adopting a new generation of main valve with lower pressure loss, the whole machine has lower energy consumption, faster response speed and more accurate control

XCMG xe60d excavator

xe60d partial parameters:

bucket capacity (M3):0.23

operating weight (kg):6010

rated power (kw/rpm):35.5/2100

bucket excavation force (KN):48.3

maximum excavation radius (mm):6130

maximum excavation height (mm):5630

maximum excavation depth (mm):3830

caterpillar 305.5e2 excavator

caterpillar 305.5e2 is a mini hydraulic excavator, It adopts standard tail and side boom design, with high performance and low fuel consumption. The durable and reliable structure helps to balance high productivity and low operating costs in various applications. In January, caterpillar 305.5e2 excavators sold a total of 120 units

caterpillar 305.5e2 excavator

working weight: 5400.0kg

ground clearance: 628.0mm

tail radius of gyration: 1580.0mm

track gauge: 1550.0mm

track length: 2440.0mm

bucket digging force: 35.0kn

severe tests such as benefit drop bucket digging force: 27.2kn

bucket capacity: 0.22m3

bucket width: 767 6.0mm

high speed driving speed: 4.3km/h

low speed driving speed: 2 The maximum traction force at 8km/h

high speed: 40.2kn

gradeability (maximum): 25 °

XCMG xe75d excavator

XCMG xe75d excavator is a multi-purpose small excavation developed by XCMG excavator for the national three-stage emission standard. It has passed the UFI certification of the international exhibition alliance and the development of the most influential international industrial brand in China's equipment manufacturing industry. It adopts a new load sensitive hydraulic system independently developed by XCMG, It has the characteristics of fuel saving, high efficiency, large excavation force and easy maintenance. It is suitable for municipal engineering, farmland water conservancy, etc. the sales volume of single machine in January was 99

xe75d adopts Kubota small displacement turbocharged engine of international famous brand. The engine maintenance points are arranged on one side, with low noise, small vibration, good fuel economy, strong power and sufficient low-speed torque reserves

key hydraulic parts are well-known international and domestic brands, which adopt the latest technological achievements, with low energy consumption, fast response, accurate control, small impact, and can maintain strong excavation capacity and excellent operation efficiency. A new generation of load sensitive hydraulic system is adopted to reduce the pressure loss of the system. The output flow of the constant power variable piston pump always meets the needs of the valve core opening of the multi-channel valve, there is no excess flow loss, and the flow distribution independent of the load is realized. The flexibility of the composite action is better, and the management department will be advised to deal with it according to the law, and the flat action is more smooth

XCMG xe75d

some parameters of xe75d:

bucket capacity (M3):0.3

operating weight (kg):7460

rated power (kw/rpm):43/2000

bucket excavation force (KN):57

maximum excavation radius (mm):6260

maximum excavation height (mm):7085

maximum excavation depth (mm):4020

Doosan DXC excavator/p>

to reduce customer operating costs and improve equipment durability, The design concept is to maximize the interests of customers. On the basis of ensuring that all performances remain at the same level or above, Doosan upgraded the classic dh55g and launched a new DXC suitable for Chinese oil products

previously, Doosan dh55g, as a popular small tonnage mini excavator in the market, has a good reputation among excavators of the same level. Its flexibility, lightness, wide range of applications and other advantages are deeply praised by people in the industry

Doosan DXC adopts Yangma energy-saving and environment-friendly engine, mechanical control, and 4-cylinder direct injection technology, which fully meets the third national emission standard, with high fuel efficiency, low fuel consumption and excellent durability. Compared with the previous generation products, DXC fuel efficiency is improved by 22%

Doosan DXC is widely used in municipal construction, highway, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry and other working conditions. The perfect balance between the engine and the hydraulic system brings DXC strong lifting force and makes it easy to cope with a variety of working environments

Doosan DXC excavator

Doosan DXC parameters

rated power: 36.2 (49.3)/2100kw (HP)/rpm

bucket capacity: 0.18m3

working weight: 5500kg

walking speed (1 speed/2 speed):4.3/2.4km/hr

slewing torque: 982kgf · m

bucket digging force: 4.1kn (KGF)

nature works in 2016 Ingeo biopolymer dipper was launched at Chinaplas exhibition in, with a digging force of 2.5kn (KGF)

maximum excavation height: 5795mm

maximum dumping height: 4110mm

maximum excavation depth: 3800mm

maximum vertical excavation depth: 3125mm

maximum excavation radius: 6135mm

Liugong clg906c excavator

the equipment adopts high-quality hydraulic components to ensure good working performance of the barrier system; Adopting pilot proportional control technology, the control is more accurate; Four pump system is adopted, which can operate the working device and travel at the same time and without mutual interference, that is, when operating the working device, it can still ensure the straight-line travel of the normal speed of the machine; Equipped with imported water-cooled, in-line four cylinder, four stroke Yama engine, it has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency, low oil consumption, low noise and vibration, and low exhaust emissions

at present, Liugong has launched an upgraded product of 906c, a new generation of D series products. The standard configuration meets the emission standards of the second stage in Europe and the United States. The Yangma engine is powerful, reliable, durable, energy-saving and environmental friendly

Liugong clg906c excavator

some parameters:

machine weight: 5900kg

rated power: 39kw/2200rpm

standard bucket capacity: 0.21m3

optional bucket capacity: 0.12-0.28m3

slewing speed: 9.2rpm

high/low driving speed: 3.9 ~ 2.5km/h

traction: 50.7kn

gradeability: 35°

specific voltage of grounding: 33kpa

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