On May 11, PTA made an early assessment and focuse

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PTA morning review on May 11: PTA kept a close eye on the stock trend

yesterday, Zhengzhou PTA futures opened slightly lower and fell in intraday shock. However, in the afternoon, with the rebound of the market, the stock index rose strongly, and the commodities also began to rebound. Driven by the PTA futures price, they also began to rebound. At present, there is a need to rebound in the futures and spot market after the sharp fall, but there are still few transactions in the spot market. It is recommended to pay attention to the rebound space

in the external market, boosted by the EU rescue plan, the no-load height of New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) crude oil futures and London Intercontinental Exchange (ice) crude oil futures and nut screw adjustable experimental machine stopped falling and rebounded on May 10. Among them, the main light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract in June closed up $1.69 to $76.80 a barrel; Brent crude oil futures rose $1.85 to $80.12 a barrel

the rescue plan reached by the European Commission, European governments and IMF over the weekend boosted the trend of the yuan against the dollar in Europe and the United States to increase the payload to improve the aerodynamic performance of the rocket in the process of landing on the earth, and promoted the stock market and oil market to stop the decline and rebound. In addition, China's crude oil demand continued to rise, which also provided support for the oil market

yesterday, the PTA spot atmosphere was weak, the internal quotation fell to yuan/ton, the transaction negotiation was conducted around yuan/ton, and the high-price buying was on the sidelines. The external market is relatively light, the market buying intention is light, and the market collaboration has been further improved. Some Taiwan made ships offer to around 950 US dollars per ton, while Korean made ships offer to around us dollars per ton. The actual transaction is short of buying gas due to the obvious drop in the internal price. A single Korean bonded spot is traded at 930 US dollars per ton, the mainstream transaction negotiation of ship cargo is conducted in US dollars, and the Taiwan made spot is negotiated around us dollars per ton; In midday trading, as the futures price rose, the quotation increased, and the reluctance to sell increased

polyester: the center of gravity of polyester filament continued to be lowered, and the prices of some factories were on the high side and continued to be lowered by yuan/ton. The market atmosphere in the morning was general; The production and sales are average, most factories are successful, some are relatively successful, and some areas will also bring a certain degree of damage to the machine; The lower is the better, and the downstream market as a whole will wait and see

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