On May 19, the hottest day, Shahe glass section mi

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On May 19, Shahe glass section minor adjustment was delivered from the warehouse.

. 1 yuan/flat we have adopted a multi cavity mold square, and the large plate 6mm-12mm is increased by 0.. 3 yuan/square meter. Other manufacturers have not changed yet

the price of Shahe glass is mainly up today. It was delivered from the warehouse yesterday. The inventory of dealers is at a normal level. The production oil pump is silent. 6. Conclusion: the inventory is low, and the market confidence is OK. With the market weakening expectation that the wheat harvest will begin next month, most of the current prices have entered a stable state, mainly in a small range. The demand of the northern market is still relatively good, which is enough to form a price support in the short term. Affected by this, the sales of Shahe original glass are relatively smooth, and in the short term, it is mainly interval shocks

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