On May 11, the domestic phenol market rose steadil

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On May 11, the domestic phenol market rose steadily and the transaction was stable.

on Friday (May 11), the domestic phenol market rose steadily and the transaction was basically stable

East China market: the quotation of phenol in East China market was increased, the quotation of imported goods was slightly increased to yuan/ton, and the transaction price was yuan/ton. The attitude of importers to increase was clear, the downstream procurement speed was general, and the transaction situation was relatively stable

South China market: the phenol Market in South China is stable and positive. The shipping price of some traders in Guangzhou has increased to about 15200 yuan/ton, and the downstream replenishment has improved. The transaction price in Fujian is about 14900 yuan/ton, the downstream purchasing enthusiasm is general, and the market transaction is mainly stable

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the stock market and real estate market are now showing a brilliant performance in North China market: the phenol Market in North China is running smoothly. The mainstream transaction price in the surrounding areas of Yanshan is still about 14650 yuan/ton. The traders deliver goods at a stable price, the manufacturers' sales are normal, and the transaction is normal. The turnover in Shandong market was about yuan/ton, the downstream demand was basically normal, and the market inquiry increased slightly. In Henan Province, the transaction price was stable at yuan/ton until the sample was destroyed, and the inquiry for goods was slightly improved, but the downstream still purchased on demand, and the transaction was stable

market trend analysis: Although the external quotation is still at a high level, the price of phenol manufacturers is stable, the sales situation is normal, the inventory pressure of manufacturers is small, the market resources are slightly thinner, lighter and lower, the cost structure is tight, the traders' mentality is stable and the quotation is firm, but it is difficult to raise the price of downstream products, the demand improvement is not obvious, the transaction situation is general, and it is difficult to rise the market, Therefore, market participants expect the phenol Market to be stable next week, and the market atmosphere is cautiously improving

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