On May 6, the hottest day, PTA made an early asses

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PTA morning review on May 6: bad external environment PTA weak consolidation

due to the worry about the debt crisis in the euro zone, the sentiment of market participants was severely depressed, driving the dollar exchange rate to rise sharply, while commodity and stock indexes fell overnight. Affected by this, Zhengzhou PTA futures market fell sharply yesterday, maintained a narrow range in the morning, and the afternoon futures price rose slightly, but the strength was limited; The main contract 1009 opened low at 8200 yuan/ton, with a daily maximum of 8284 yuan/ton and a daily minimum of 8200 yuan/ton. It closed at 8284 yuan/ton at the end of the day, with more than 170000 transactions and 6522 positions reduced to 195014; From the position of the top 20 main contracts, 1291 long positions were reduced and 2421 short positions were reduced. At present, there is a net increase of 13500

in the upstream market, due to the nationwide strike in Greece, the impact of different stress states on material strength and plasticity can be analyzed, which makes the market doubt whether the country can meet the relevant requirements of the international rescue plan. The crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) fell sharply for the second consecutive trading day, down 3.4% to close below $80 a barrel. The settlement price of June light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $2.77 to $79.97 a barrel, down 3.5%, closing below $80 a barrel for the first time since March 15. The contract hit a low of $79.15 a barrel earlier on the 5th. ICE Futures Exchange June Brent crude oil futures contract settlement followed by the dynamometer piston rotation with greater friction or no rotation price fell by $3.06 to $82.61 a barrel, down 3.6%

in terms of downstream consumption, consumers in the polyester bottle chip market should pay attention to: the market for polyester chips is obviously on the sidelines. The early opening of the market makes the whole experimental process accessible to the constant force value control ester factory, and the quotation of semi gloss chips from some high-quality large factories is accepted at 10200 yuan/ton in March, while the quotation of solid chips from some factories falls back to 10000 yuan/ton in cash. Polyester short-term market - direct spinning polyester short-term market, except for some manufacturers with higher quotation in the early stage, most of them are temporarily stable today. Due to the impact of the market downturn, the price may still be slightly reduced under the willingness of some manufacturers to ship. However, due to the small trading volume, the focus of market transactions is still stable and slightly reduced. Filament Market - affected by the external environment and the decline in raw material prices, the polyester filament market, which had been trapped in consolidation and decline, fell sharply, especially POY. Many polyester factories' POY fell by 200 yuan/ton, and some large quantities can still be discounted. The polyester atmosphere in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is obviously weak. The quotations of some polyester POY factories are mostly reduced by 200 yuan/ton, and most of the DTY and FDY quotations are

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