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If you want a better quality of life, good storage is the key ~ where to start? Wardrobe, of course! Family happiness has a lot to do with the wardrobe at home

the pace of life of urban people is too fast, and there are a lot of trivial things that can't be handled every day. But have you found that they are often busy and their homes are in chaos if they don't pay attention

in winter, there are many clothes, which are conveniently placed on chairs, sofas and beds. The dismantled express boxes are piled up in the corner, and the bottles and cans on the dressing table are scattered and disordered

if being busy is an excuse for chaos at home, then chaos at home will make you busy to "out of breath", and the happiness of life will directly decline. It is easy to fall into a dead cycle and find no breathing space So, what is the purpose of hard work

of course, in order to live more refined ~2019, be better to yourself, start by changing your living room! If you want a better quality of life, good storage is the key ~

where to start? Wardrobe, of course! In order to solve everyone's wardrobe storage problem, in this issue, the intimate little sister of the community invited the founder of the organizer and senior space planning tutor to make your wardrobe delicate

the point is! This time, the little friends who came to the class also had the opportunity to get the teacher's free door-to-door sorting service

Deng Mei, the founder of domestic household storage

she is the founder of the collation family. She has trained hundreds of professional storage and collations and has participated in thousands of storage and collation sharing meetings across the country for many times. Enterprises served include Sofia home, gujia home, Yeya home, Sina home, ray& Co, China Vocational Education Association, etc

"if you are willing to start, there must be changes. Sorting out is a decision between ideas, and it is also the beginning of a refined life" ― Deng Mei

as a big star in the wardrobe industry, CCTV,, Netease, Tencent headlines, China news network, Tianfu Morning Post headlines, Chengdu full search, West China Metropolis Daily, fortune quality, British foreign media and many other news media have interviewed and reported on her

this time, we invited her to the community to communicate face-to-face with everyone and solve the problem of wardrobe storage

from 19:00 to 19:40 on January 24, teacher Deng Mei shared with you that "accept" the exquisite wardrobe and live a delicate life. We will have a live broadcast course in qianchat live

in addition to storing the course full of dry goods, the teacher will also randomly send several free places for door-to-door sorting in the course, which should not be missed

interested friends should hurry up

(source: Sofia wardrobe official account)





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