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National Day Po insurance, Kelaifu national Huidong

Kelaifu wardrobe International Museum 10.6 full dress opening

66 City linkage in Anhui + Abao airborne cheers + president signing cash back


what we have been looking for is often what we firmly believe in and adhere to on weekdays

rooted in science and education, Hefei is happy for thousands of families

create Asia's top customized home image store,

Kelaifu wardrobe is the Asia Pacific home experience hall that affects the world

looking at the international home furnishing experience Pavilion around the world, Kelaifu is the only one

[the feast of happy home is about to open]

the most important thing in business is popularity, which symbolizes the booming wealth and extensive sources of wealth for businessmen. Guobang Wanghu home furnishing Co., Ltd. is located at the intersection of Susong road and the South Second Ring Road in Hefei, surrounded by four districts of Hefei government new area, Hefei high tech Development Zone, Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone and Hefei Binhu New Area. It is the core of the building materials business district in the south of the city. Its geographical location is prominent, and the regional popularity is very popular. While the Kelaifu wardrobe International Museum is located at the entrance of Guobang Wanghu home furnishing store, and its geographical location advantage is self-evident, "Buy building materials and go to Wanghu beautiful home" has become the thinking habit of the citizens in the south of the city

on October 6, Kelaifu wardrobe International Pavilion will hold a grand opening ceremony with Guobang Wanghu home furnishings. On the same day, superstar a Bao of the avenue of stars parachuted into Hefei to protect the price and help cheer. Thousands of owners in 66 cities in Anhui jointly signed the opening site on the same day to taste the opening ceremony of the first wardrobe Pavilion in Asia with superstars. The president visited the opening site in person, jointly signed the sale, and immediately returned 10% of the cash. At that time, superstar singing, star imitation, provincial linkage, colorful ball launch, President signing, surprise discount, tens of millions of gifts, and city enjoyment. The grand and magnificent opening activities, the grand and warm opening atmosphere, the unprecedented promotion efforts, and multiple rich gift feedback create an unparalleled Kelaifu opening feast

[the first Pavilion in Asia, leading the wardrobe industry]

in the era of customized wardrobe, many businesses are facing continuous opening, reloading and flagship upgrading. The era of gongs and drums and firecrackers is no longer attractive. Kelaifu wardrobe International Pavilion, a real collection of tall, 1500 meter exhibition hall area, is second to none in the whole East China and even the national home furnishing industry. With the industry-leading design concept and the unrepeatable urban operation mode, it reconstructs the happy home of mankind. There is no comparable precedent and peers, which has quickly generated strong attention and repercussions in the Yangtze River Delta region and even the entire Middle East. It can be said that the re imagination of Kelaifu wardrobe for happy home life is to re imagine Hefei

Kelaifu wardrobe International Pavilion is not only of high decoration quality, but also 80% of them are the main products newly introduced to the market or sold for many years this year. From mini to luxury houses, from the traditional mansion favored by the Post-70s to the beetle apartment pursued by the post-90s, there will be a series of matching customized wardrobes and sliding door products one by one, continuing to interpret the industry legend of Kelaifu simple European wardrobes that cannot be copied

in today's serious homogenization of products, the quality of enterprise services is crucial. In the final analysis, the competition of enterprises is the competition of services, Kelaifu wardrobe firmly grasp the "service" "Don't relax. The five-star intimate butler service is the first to be introduced in the Kelaifu wardrobe, with no delay in measurement, design, electronic order distribution, overhaul, maintenance and other services, and considerate care everywhere. Kelaifu wardrobe is the first to launch a ten-year warranty for all products, with lifelong free maintenance. No matter when and where, as long as the owner customer feedbacks the problems to any staff of Kelaifu wardrobe, they will be responsible for you throughout the process and serve you to the end.

october 6 On the th, the expected Kelaifu wardrobe International Pavilion is about to unveil its mysterious veil. Let's start counting down to welcome the opening ceremony of home furnishing giants





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