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In the rapidly changing market, osley wallcovering conforms to the trend of the times, seizes the opportunity of the information age, reforms and innovations, and can follow the trend

On the evening of April 10, 2019, the event horizon telescope (EHT) announced that it had successfully obtained the first direct visual evidence of a supermassive black hole

this black hole image shows the black hole at the center of supermassive Galaxy M87 in the Virgo galaxy cluster. It is 55million light-years away from the earth, and its mass is 6.5 billion times that of the sun

this is another breakthrough in human history

black holes have been discovered more than 100 years ago. Hawking, Schwarzenegger, etc. have explored black holes

and more than 100 years later yesterday, we finally saw the photos of "black holes"



after the photos of black holes were released, a wave of "spoof photos" hit again

throughout the history of human development, from apes to humans, we have evolved for millions of years, learned to use tools, learned to use fire, learned to build houses, and learned to think...

small tribes developed into countries, human beings began to have a written history, the evolution of slavery and feudalism, and traditional agricultural society accounted for thousands of years in history...

quantitative changes produce qualitative changes

in the past 200 years, the industrial revolution marked by the invention and application of the steam engine has transformed backward manual labor into power machine production, which is a major leap...

then, the rapid development of information technology has brought earth shaking changes to the face of the whole society...

from satellites, rockets, manned spacecraft to high-speed rail, aircraft, television, mobile phones, networks, Whether it seems to have something to do with us or not, technology has changed our daily life. It is an invisible force that promotes the rapid development of society

the rapid development of the information age

is already its characteristic

today, we have found black holes

maybe in the near future, the scenes in science fiction blockbusters will become a reality

we have developed other galaxies

found other planets suitable for human habitation

star travel is no longer a dream


conform to the trend of the times, which is what oshley wallcovering has been doing

as a wallcovering brand with perseverance, perseverance and creativity, oshilai wallcovering has always adhered to the original intention of creating the brand, with the mission of "making more people have a healthy, environmental friendly and warm home", and with the goal of "becoming the most trusted enterprise in the global family", it has done a good job in wallcovering

in the rapidly changing market, osley wallcovering conforms to the trend of the times, seizes the opportunity of the information age, reforms and innovations, and can follow the trend

since the founding of Hangzhou Yongxin Textile Co., Ltd. in 2001, it may be far less sophisticated than "taking pictures of black holes", but it is also serious

over the past 18 years, we have been weaving high-quality wall cloths with down-to-earth and sincere ingenuity. There are 21 processes, carefully selecting high-quality materials, repeatedly shaping, mold proof, nano, high temperature and other treatments, and five quality inspections, striving to provide high-quality wall cloths for every customer

perhaps just as the development of human society, quantitative changes cause qualitative changes. In the past two years, osley wallcovering is in the stage of rapid development

in 2017,

the company put forward the slogan of "new thinking, new mode, new journey"

set up "oshilai Business School"

set up "oshilai brand development center"

set up "oshilai cloud design center"

determine the brand concept of oshilai wallcovering "the first brand of Chinese fashion wallcovering"

in 2018

the company put forward the slogan of "strong internal skill, strong implementation

opening 2018"

the first innovative s+ Experience Hall in the industry was born in the sky

signing international superstar Huang Shengyi as the company's ambassador

building an online order system

establishing a cloud contract signing system

spring and autumn new product launch

in 2019

put forward "strong learning, strong ability and strong service" Slogan

spring new products Beijing Exhibition release

Qijian store system training launch

about to carry out online and offline integration, embrace new retail


believe in the future of oshilai wall fabric

have unlimited possibilities

oshilai seamless wall fabric is green and environmentally friendly, the process is produced with world-class advanced equipment, years of experienced textile technology and patterns of independent research and development and design, the product is unique, and the quality is assured and reliable

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