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The news and video of Tesla coil, commonly known as the "black box", opening the smart lock in seconds caused an uproar. Many users are very worried, and have consulted Xiaobian about the security of BDA smart lock. Next, I'll give you a detailed answer

recently, there has been a heated discussion in the market about the news and video that Tesla coil, commonly known as the "black box", opens the smart lock every second, causing an uproar. Many users are very worried, and have consulted Xiaobian about the security of BDA smart lock. Xiaobian sorted out your questions and answered them in detail

first of all, let's have a look at the "Tesla coil"

who is it sacred

Tesla coil is a device that uses a transformer to boost the ordinary voltage, and then discharges from the discharge terminal through the two pole coil. To put it more popularly, "long-distance transmission"

when Tesla coil interferes with the smart lock, the smart lock may occur in the following two situations:

1. After the smart lock is interfered, the smart lock is illegally opened

2. Cause the smart lock motor to short circuit or the motor to crash and restart. Some smart lock motors will automatically unlock after the crash and restart, resulting in the illegal opening of the smart lock

when disturbed, the anti-interference design of BDA smart lock prevents the door lock from being unlawfully opened

even if the interference causes a short circuit in the circuit system and restarts

BDA smart lock can remain locked during the restart process

there will be no unlocking phenomenon

the editor explains to you from the perspective of product design and technology

EMC anti-interference design

BDA in electronic circuit design, Referring to the current external anti dry anti (EMC) design, from shell protection, electronic component selection, IC, peripheral components, i/o, software to PCB layout, all meet the EMC design and meet the requirements of anti electromagnetic interference

chip integrated modular design

BDA adopts professional chip integrated modular design, and the chip adopts brands that are well-known in the anti-interference field, such as microchip, torex, Rohm, etc. with strong anti-interference ability, it ensures the stable operation of the circuit board and effectively avoids the unlocking signal generated by electromagnetic interference

multiple signal flow conversion design

BDA adopts multiple signal flow conversion design; After the sensor device recognizes the legal key, the front panel circuit board sends the encrypted unlocking information to the rear panel circuit board to judge whether it is legal. If it is legal, it outputs a specific signal to the special motor chip to control the door lock switch

in addition, with regard to the anti-interference standard of strong magnetic field and strong electric field, the ga701-2007 standard of the Ministry of public security of China for our smart lock series products clearly stipulates that the products must pass the electrostatic discharge immunity test and the RF electromagnetic field radiation immunity test

BDA products have passed the ga701-2007 standard report of the Ministry of public security of China

so consumers do not have to worry about

BDA smart locks can be safely purchased and used

BDA has always been taking product quality first

now it has won more than 80 national patents

more than 50 Chinese and foreign certifications

taking European and American standards as the design blueprint

the main smart door lock products have passed BHMA certification in the United States,

UL safety certification in the United States European CE electronic lock certification

Bida creates every door lock with a rigorous and professional attitude

the company's self built laboratory

has conducted more than 40 rigorous tests on smart door locks

the barrier free operation of the lock body switch has been tested 800000 times

the door lock machine test

the tongue strength test

the corrosion test of the door lock

the precipitation and concentration in the past 26 years

provide safety Smart lock with stable quality

protect the safety of users

Bida has been on the road

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