See the big from the small collocation method

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Seeing the big from the small, the collocation method of small tea table 2010-12-23 [guide]: Although the tea table is small, it is indispensable in the living room at home, and it is most useful in the living room. Drinking tea, chatting, watching TV and eating snacks, the tea table is irreplaceable. The designed tea table is not only useful, but also can decorate the space. In particular, the creative tea table plays an important role in highlighting the personal taste and personality of the home

flexible combination of tea table materials

in addition to the traditional function of placing items, the shape and material of tea table are also changeable. In the past, tea table with single material was very common, and wood, stone, metal, glass and plastic can be matched with different home styles. However, the tea table made of several different materials is more thoughtful in design, and the material and function are closely combined to make it no longer rigid

the shape and color of the tea table should not only be coordinated with the surrounding furniture, but also with the overall living environment. It is generally believed that simple square and long tea tables are suitable for modern home furnishings, but in fact, according to different materials and design methods, they can also be combined with more styles. The curved tea table can also be placed in the modern style living room, making the tough modern style softer and giving families with children more sense of security. In terms of color, white, black, beige, log color and natural color are still the main colors of the living room coffee table, and these colors are also easier to match with the large home environment





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